Custom Affordable Invitations

Black Ashur

Black Ashur is a decorative art paper that is made of cotton and features a flocked, complex design reminiscent of Assyrian stone carvings from 6th century B.C. This is a flocked paper.


Quartz Stardream Liner

Quartz Stardream

This is a metallic paper ideally suited for a wide variety of uses. Made with a   shimmering finish, it is a pearl or champagne type of color and from the famous Stardream Collection of metallic papers.


Cream Janaki Liner

Cream Janaki

Janaki was the name of a famous princess from Janakpur city in Nepal. This print honors her and was inspired by Mithila art, a skill of many Nepalese women passed down from generation to generation.


Cherry Blossoms Liner

Cherry Blossoms

Printed on handmade lokta papers, these delicate cherry blossoms add an asian flair to any project. The neutral tones compliment the simplicity of this beautifully designed handmade paper.


Black Tulips Liner

Black Tulips

Bold, large tulips are the focal point of this cotton paper from India, uniquely screenprinted in a shiny/matte combination, surrounded by tiny outlined leaves allowing the varying tones of the background to “peek through”, surrounding the tulips.


Black Daphne Liner

Black Daphne

From the bark of Nepal's lokta (daphne) bush is a "tree-free" paper. Dyes, often extracted from the skins of natural fruits, spices, nuts and vegetables such as pomegranates, saffron, walnuts and rhubarb, produce the gorgeous colors that unique to each sheet.


Oak Shell Liner

Oak Shell

This Natural and Brown colored paper is a subtle mix of natural colors that would nicely accent this beautiful invitation. It will standout, creating an eye-catching effect on the inside of the envelopes, nicely complimenting the colors of this invitation.


Black Royale Liner

Black Royale

Our Confetti Royale series features hand torn pieces of metallic gold paper inclusions, appearing throughout the front and back of this mulberry paper. Some pieces shine brightly, while others sink into the paper showing off the fine detail of the soft mulberry fibers.


Soft Black Unryu Liner

Soft Black Unryu

Crinkled by hand, this imported Unryu paper has a soft texture, almost like fabric. Swirling kozo fibers that make this paper famous.


Black Unryu Liner

Black Unryu

Thai Unryu Black mulberry decorative art tissue, often referred to as oriental rice paper, is a black paper with natural made wrinkles.


Opal Stardream Liner

Opal Stardream

This metallic paper is called Opal Stardream, a beautiful paper with a gorgeous shimmering metallic finish. It is an Ivory type of color.


Onyx Staream Liner

Onyx Staream

This metallic paper is called Onyx Stardream, a beautiful paper with a gorgeous shimmering metallic finish. It is black in color.


Ruby Stardream Liner

Ruby Stardream

This metallic paper is called Ruby Stardream, a beautiful paper with a gorgeous shimmering metallic finish. It is a Dark Purple - Merlot type of color.



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