Grey Spades Liner

Grey Spades

Grey Spades is a decorative art paper, hand-made in India, that is adorned with a complex design of spades and saints with metallic silver in the design. This paper is imported.


Navy Stardream Liner

Navy Stardream

A sophisticated, metallic paper ideally suited for a wide variety of uses. Made with a metallic sparkle, resulting in a luminous, pearl-like finish, from the Stardream Collection.


Flocked Grey Flowers Liner

Flocked Grey Flowers

This Black and Grey flocked paper is a handmade imported paper. With dazzling traces of silver and, called flocked, the flower petals are raised and soft to the touch.


Dragon's Tail Liner

Dragon's Tail

The Dragon's Tail prints feature a design of exquisitely drawn, highly detailed, scaly dragons holding fireballs in their claws emerging from both the sea and the clouds.


Thai Whimzy Liner

Thai Whimzy

Thai Whimzy Pink on White handmade mulberry art papers are translucent and feature a loose design of 4" whirls of raised white and pink pulp. The white base is amazingly sheer and the pulp creates an eye-catching texture with dimension.


Anthracite Liner


Anthracite is a dark grey, charcoal Stardream paper. It compliments this invitation by contrasting with a darker color but remaining in the grey family.


Merlot Lotka Liner

Merlot Lotka

Handmade Lokta art papers from the bark of Nepal's lokta bush, this is an eco-friendly, "tree-free" decorative paper. Dyes, often extracted from the skins of natural fruits, spices, nuts and vegetables such as pomegranates, saffron, walnuts and rhubarb, produce the gorgeous colors and soft tones that are unique to each sheet.