Designed Response Sets with Envelopes

Response Set with Envelopes
We have a variety of beautiful, high quality Response Sets. When purchasing a Response Set, you are paying for the card, the envelope and the printing of both the card and address on the envelope. We can customize your Response Cards by adding a special motif, a monogram or a requested design. Our choices vary between color of envelope, the color of the card and the color of the ink. We suggest you start with the font, from our wide selection of fonts, then the color and style of your envelope, our choices are below.
Start by choosing your Font, or 2 Fonts, then just click 'Continue Shopping' to return to this page and proceed, item by item, down this page, choosing your envelopes and cards.

All items are sold separately, the necessity of each item varies depending on your needs and taste.

Choose your font

Fonts: First choose a Font or 2

    First of all, all our fonts are FREE! Just remember the fonts you select are for the the Response Card as well as the envelope. The envelope will only be done in one font, but it is possible to use two fonts on the cards. After adding a font to your cart, 'Continue Shopping' to return here and continue your order.


Choose Your Envelopes

      We offer different Response Envelopes, vaying in color and style. If you are looking for blank envelopes, then select the button to the right, otherwise all our envelopes are to be addressed.

      One style we offer is the Euro Flap style, which is a horizontal envelope with a triangular flap and a rounded point. The other is a Wallet Flap style, which is also horizontal and has a straight flap. You also must decide if you would like the envelopes to be addressed, which is only slightly more expensive. Euro Flap Envelopes are more stylish and trendy, where as Wallet Flaps are more classical, both can be sophisticated. After selecting your envelopes, 'Continue Shopping' to return here and choose your cards.


Choose Your Response Cards


    We offer Response Cards in two different colors, White and Ivory, made from a high quality cardstock, with a few options of the cards weight, (thickness). We have two types of cardstock finishes, smooth and eggshell. Smooth finish is just that and an Eggshell finish has a slight texture to it, kind of like the shell of an egg.

    We also fully customize your cards. You have your choice between a monogram, watermark, motif or you can submit a design you would like us to replicate in addition to your choice of ink color.