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Gate-Fold Wedding Invitation


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Ivory Gate-Fold



This invitation, made by BattleInk Invitations, is a three layer invite with a bottom layer of Ivory  cardstock, which wraps around and meets in the front, a black middle layer, and an Ivory top layer. The invitation comes with unlined, Wallet Flap envelopes. Liners must be ordered separately and are not included. This invitation is printed with black flat, matte ink. It is shown in "Great Vibes" and "Lovers Quarell". This invite is fully customizable, with initials and ribbon.

Invitation Size: 5¾" x 9¼"

Below you will find each item that you will need available for you to customize your order.


Price: $479 for 100 ct. (includes unlined, blank Wallet Flap envelopes)

All items are sold separately, the necessity of each item varies depending on your needs and taste.

Fonts: First choose a font pair

You have so many fonts to choose from it can seem overwhelming. Just remember the fonts you select are for the invitation and will be used on each subsequent item that makes up your invitation package. The Reception Cards, Direction Cards, Return Address, Response Cards and anything else your job requires.

Click Here to View and Select Fonts


Envelopes - Choose Your Style

Envelopes: Choosing the Right Style

We carry two different styles of envelope for this particular invitation. One is the Euro Flap style, which is a horizontal envelope with a triangular flap and rounded instead of coming to a point. The other is a Wallet Flap style, which is also horizontal and has a straight flap. You also must decide if you would like the return address to be printed on them, which is only slightly more expensive. Euro Flap envelopes are included in this invitation's price. Euro Flap Envelopes are more stylish and trendy, where as Wallet Flaps are more classical, both can be sophisticated. All envelopes come unlined, you must purchase liners in addition to envelopes.

Click links to view envelopes:   Wallet Flap     Euro Flap



Choose an Envelope Liner


We recommend choosing one of our Envelope Liners to enhance your invitation package and make it as sharp as possible. We have a wide selection of hand-made and imported papers to match each invitation, bringing it to a completely custom level, in a class by itself. Envelopes without liners are included in the Invitation price.


Choose Custom Inserts


Reception Cards mainly give the time and place of the reception. We also offer Direction cards which are the same, although they also include directions to the reception hall. We can also customize your cards with a watermark or motif, making them suited to your taste. Both of these cards are printed in Matte, flat ink.







Reception Cards Accommodation Cards


Choose a Response Set


The Response Set is the card and addressed envelope that is sent with the invitation so your invited guests may let you know whether they can or can not attend and conveniently place the card in the addressed envelope to send back to you. It is also proper etiquette to place the proper postage on the envelope as well, but of course that is your choice. These cards and envelopes are printed with Matte, flat ink.

Response Sets


Choose a Custom Stamp


Your invitation package will really be complete with a Stamp designed specifically for you. We ONLY design stamps, we do not print them, and they must be ordered from a company, such as zazzle, by you. We charge for the design and size them exactly right to be submitted for print, following all legal guidelines.

Custom Postage Stamps




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